The Word of God Audio New Testament Bible (18 CDs in a Collector case) & Digital Downloads

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The New Testament is performed in dramatized audio, word-for-word from Scripture by Internationally-renowned actors with an original music score and sound effects so that the scriptures are brought to life! Hear the entire New Testament (22 hours) via 18 CDs in a Collector case and Digital Download starring Neal McDonough as Jesus, Kristen Bell as Mary Magdalene, Sean Astin as Matthew, Blair Underwood as Mark, Malcolm McDowell as Caiaphas, Julia Ormond as Mary, Mother of God, Stacy Keach as John, Michael York as Luke, John Rhys-Davies as the Narrator and Brian Cox as the Voice of God, plus many others. Produced by Carl Amari and directed by Brenda Noel.

22 hours in both CDs and digital download. A must-have for every believer.

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